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Not Sure What to Do Before the Movers Arrive?

How to Prepare for Corporate Moving & Delivery

For both household and office moves, hiring a good moving company can be your best decision. Professional movers oversee the entire relocation, from organizing and packing to transportation and unloading. However, there are a few things you can do waiting for the team you hired to arrive to facilitate the process. What are they?

  • Sort out your business belongings; It is a good idea to create piles with important possessions, such as valuable papers, small electronic devices, etc. Also, you can take photos of your electronic equipment, so you can set them up the same way in your new work area. You can take care of the important documents and cash yourself to avoid leaving them in the movers’ hands.

  • Dispose of the trash; Before the team of specialists arrives, you can also throw away all hazardous chemicals and other garbage. This way, you will ease the entire moving process and make the whole organization go faster.

  • Prioritize your plans; Every moving & delivery staff will advise you to create your own relocation plan. Even though most professionals can help you with the planning, you might have your own requirements and move specification. For example, you might want them to move your office plants or furniture in a specific way. Make sure to let them know of your individual plan.
  • Unplug everything; You can unplug all your corporate appliances and other electrical devices in advance. Since movers usually charge by the hour, it makes sense if you do that. Once they arrive, they will just have to take and load them onto their truck which will take less time.

  • Clean up; Corporate moves are projects that require certain cleanliness and discipline. If you clean your workspace before the experts arrive, you will prevent health issues caused by the dirt, dust, and debris.

Florida Moving and Delivery has the expertise and skills to handle both residential and office moves with the necessary attention to detail. Do not have doubts in our abilities to provide you with peace of mind and if you live in Orlando, FL, you can call us at (407) 205-1684.

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